Warning: The camping, camper parking and car parking are full! Only people with an online ticket can access the camping. No ticket yet? Don't bring your tent to the festival.
After discussing with the municipalty chef, we decided not to build a secondary camping. There will be no new camping.

We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience.

"Music transcends prejudices. Music unites."

Back in time to where it all began, Irie Vibes invites you to their Back to The Roots edition during the heart of summer 2019 in Kortemark. On Thursday 18/7, Friday 19/7 and Saturday 20/7 we are re-visiting our roots with a revised terrain and improved comfort. Teasing a thriller here and there, we are slowly releasing the line-up for 2019 to the public. Keep yourself updated by adding a bookmark to the line-up.

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