Food Vibes

with Nicolas Decloedt

Today, a third of the produced food worldwide is wasted, all the while approximately 795 million are suffering from famine. To battle this and show our support, Nicolas Decloedt will be processing grade 2 vegetables and lonely milk cream into delicious soup on Thursday, chilling out on vibes from DJ Bounty Radio in our Dub Castle.

Het Laatste Nieuws: "Veganistische chef maakt restjessoep op Irie Vibes"
Food Vibes
Wednesday, July 25th:
Today, Nicolas Decloedt from humus x hortense prepared a 4 course meal with 1250 portions for our backstage from solely saved ingredients! 300kg Of left over vegetables and fruits facilitated a meal for our backstage workers and artists. No food waste, not even on festivals. The Proef Lab supports Irie Vibes Roots Festival in creating sustainable catering!


Dub Castle

Thursday: 6PM - 10PM

Food Vibes