Website Updates

February 3rd 2019

As of today, the website will be undergoing updates to accomodate the 2019 info about the Irie Vibes Roots Festival (Back to The Roots.) Some pages might be unavailable until further notice as data is made unavailable to prevent confusion. Questions? Contact us at

May Plastic-Free

May 1st 2018

The hard working volunteers at Irie Vibes have decided it was time to take it one step further! Come along with us on this journey to make the month of May plastic-free. ban plastic straws, cups, disposable bags,..
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Hot Like A Sauna

December 23rd 2017

After a night long of hard work, grooving dub and amazing effects, a winner has been picked from the contestors. The winner of Hot Like A Sauna's dub contest will open the Dub Castle on Irie Vibes Roots Festival 2018!
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Christmas Market

December 16th 2017

Vzw GreenForward is proud to announce that a team of motivated volunteers will be holding a stand at the Christmas Market in Handsam (Handzame). Special treats and unique gimmicks are to be discovered!
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Irie Vibes grows Green

No date known

Year after year, Irie Vibes Roots Festival strives to achieve more and better initiatives to encourage the ecological vision and responsibility it carries by the name Irie Vibes Grows Green. This means that we can assure you we are trying our best to keep any- and everything as clean as we can! Recycle // Upcycle.
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